September 7, 2010

FUGGly UGGly UGGS and Jimmy Choo?

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The countdown has begun for unveiling and pre-ordering these new boots, the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and UGGS Australia means morphing two extremes together and I cannot wait to see the results! This reminds me of Conan O’Brien’s segment “If they Mated” lol

If they Mated

If They Mated

The unveiling comes just in time actually because it just so happens that I walk into my apartment after a long Summer vacation to find it covered with mold and mildew, ruining my knee-high Jimmy Choo boots, and all of my shoes ended up in the trash! So shopping for new ones is a must this time! 😛

I would not be interested in this piece of news if I was back in Kuwait, because personally I think UGGS are UGGly and do not understand why girls wear them if we don’t have extreme cold weather, but now that I am forced to wear UGGS all year round I am excited to think that they might be slinky, sexy UGGS inspired by Jimmy Choo. Let’s hope this wait is worth it!!

Jimmy Choo + UGGS

For more info check Jimmy Choo


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    I wouldn’t call that UGGS anymore Sara ,, its a new tribe of shoes :p

    • Hanan: Khanshoof what they’ll look like lol obviously they won’t look like the picture above lool bs inshalla a7la mnn the current UGGS :/

  2. ims85 said,

    LOL Sara thats funny!

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