September 4, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta

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Amsale Bijou in Caffe

Yes, “Say Yes to the Dress” is back but this time it is not in NY and not in Kleinfeld but in Atlanta. The reality show follows the brides to be purchasing their dresses in the bridal boutique Bridals by Lori in Atlanta. I don’t know if the episodes will be as interesting as the ones in Kleinfeld, only because the Kleinfeld boutique takes place in NYC where you get to see brides from all over the world flying in to look for their dream dress. The show featured brides from Egypt, India, and all over the US, I am wondering how many brides fly to Atlanta looking for their dream dress?

Anyway, this episode which features the bride to be “Elise” tries on non other than my dress!! LOL ok I bet you are sick and tired of reading about my dress, yes I love it and wish I could wear it over and over again so I had a huge grin watching it on T.V although I wish my dress does not become so popular like the Aurora :/ I have a feeling I’ll be seeing it a lot on T.V now that Amsale is working with WeTV on a new show called “Amsale Girls” but I know I know…. I wore it, I should get over it lol

Well here is the episode of “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta”


Sara D.


  1. ansam518 said,

    Looked way better on you ;-*

    • Ansam: aaaw ur too kind, thanks :* hehe it showed off her curves though mashalla and i had lost so much weight when i was measured for it…I wish I was in my normal weight bs all in all i’m happy with the results 🙂

  2. Adriana said,

    I couldnt find the episode 😦

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  5. Jennika Gold said,

    i just tried this dress on yesterday in chicago! i had no idea it was so popular. fell in love with it, but the price tag ($8k)? well.. let’s just say it’s not likely to get worn by me 😦

    alas. it was only my first trip looking for a dress, so likely i’ll be in love with another dress next week 🙂

    • Jennika Gold said,

      it was in caffe – LOVELY!

      • Jennika: Ohh congratulations! Hope you find the right dress for you 🙂
        Mine was in “caffe” too, and I love it still! hehe

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