September 4, 2010

Premature Halloween Post

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:54 PM by inspirationsbysd

If you are wondering why would a Kuwaiti girl celebrate Halloween, well you may have a point it is not something most Kuwaitis celebrate. Although these days, it seems like everyone is celebrating everything! Plus everyday should be a special occasion and if someone out there is celebrating, why not celebrate with them?! 😀 hehe excuses excuses but anyway at home we do celebrate everything and we make a big deal out of it our home completely transforms for every occasion and the memories lasts forever, it is fun!

Last year my mom went all out on Halloween and we invited some friends over, and the oh-so-talented-Kuwaiti-Martha-Stewart  JenJen Cookies came baring sooo many goodies! She really made the party even more fun, I think we were all so high on sweets hehe

Here are pictures of last year’s Halloween, I went as Minnie Mouse, what is your favorite costume?


Sara D.


  1. ims85 said,

    OMG Sara why do u like freaky stuff :S

  2. […] mentioned these sugar cookies before in my previous posts Halloween post, Bachelorette post and seriously the pictures speak for themselves, but here is what makes these […]

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