August 24, 2010

Semi-homemade Strawberry Shortcake

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My version of the Strawberry Short Cake

The first time I made this cake, I made a mistake of baking it in one pan and cutting it in half and due to its soft fluffy texture, it fell apart and looked like a HOT MESS!  :s

So the next time I made it, I used to 2 pans and split the cake mix in half for the two.

Here are the steps to this easy to make cake!

What you’ll need:

* Pillsbury or Betty Crocker white cake mix

* Eggs

* Vegetable oil

* Cool Whip

* Fresh strawberries

* Some sugar and a bit of lemon juice

* 2 baking pans

The steps:

* Mix the cake mix as instructed on the box

* slice the strawberries, leaving the larger nicer ones for the top layer (for better presentation). To make the strawberries juicy and bleed I add a bit of lemon juice and sugar (this will go in the middle layer only) mix them all together to get its juices flowing.

* Bake the cake in the oven for 27 min (until light golden brown, I like it soft and fluffy)

Cover the middle layer with a dallop of cool whip and then add the strawberry mix, put the second layer of cake then decorate! Simple and yummy 😀

The reason why I choose to make things semi-homemade is because I have yet to taste a cake made from scratch that tastes really good (unless from a chef or a great bakery) but it seems that Pillsbury always tastes a lot better than a cake made from scratch, so I opt out and go for the safe way by getting a cake mix 😉


Sara D.

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