August 24, 2010

Hamad Al Humaidan: A young Kuwaiti Artist

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My husband showed me a video of this 10-year-old KUWAITI boy, and was amazed by his talent (mashalla). The 10 year old currently lives in England with his parents, and he first started painting at the age of 7. Realizing the potential he has, his parents encouraged him and his work has been featured in many museums and he has sold many of his works to art collectors around the world. Some people are comparing his work to Picasso! Lovely, but what really ticked me was the title of the video on the BBC link, it says (10 Year Old British School Boy hailed as “next Picasso”) the kid is not British, he may study in Britain for the time being, but the boy is Kuwaiti.

Here is the video and some of his art work:

Hamad AlHumaidan, Kuwaiti artist

Hamad AlHumaidan's art


Sara D.


  1. Khaled alshamali said,

    Please send any links to hammed art, I did browse the Internet to find more of his work but with out any success.

    Nice work hamad

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