August 20, 2010

Semi-homemade Desserts

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Now that we have established the fact that I cannot cook we can move on to the yummy issues, such as DESSERT!! Which I love and I think I am a lot better at. I noticed that I go through phases of making the same type of dessert but change it up every time and get a bit creative with it, I went through a cupcake phase few years back but now I have moved on to ice-cream cakes! hehe

It is soo easy and fun to make, you can whip it up in less than 10 minutes, and you can never go wrong with cake and ice cream :))

Here are some variations of it that I have made in the past

Berry Sorbet Cake

Layered Berry Sorbet Cake

I’ve been asked for the steps for the cake above well here they are,

What you’ll need:

KDD Berry Sorbet

Vanilla Ice cream

Fresh strawberries (optional)

Sara Lee pound cake


1) Put the first layer, which is KDD berry sorbet in the bowl

2) Cut up the Sara Lee Pound cake in thin slices and cover the berry sorbet

3) Mix the vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and add it as the third layer

4) cover the mix with layers of Sara Lee, and then freeze overnight

Wild Berry Igloo

Wild Berry Igloo

For this cake, just reverse the steps and start with the Sara Lee pound cake first ;P

Rose Water Ice cream cake

This one is my personal favorite, which I made today and EVERYONE loved even the kids! 😀 Again it is very easy:

You will need:

1) Vanilla Ice cream

2) Rose syrup

3) Rose Water

4) Sugared rose petals (optional)

5) Fresh rose petals (for garnishing)

6) Crushed pistachio (for garnishing)


1) Layer the bowl with Sara Lee pound cake

2) Mix the vanilla ice cream with rose-water and rose syrup then add the sugared rose petals (you can find them at Dean & Deluca)

3) cover with Sara Lee pound cake slices, let freeze over night

To serve:

Cover with whipped cream (cool whip) and add rose petals, then pistachio, enjoy 🙂

Rose-water ice cream cake


Sara D.


  1. Pedro/T said,

    Tisslam eedich Sister Wonderful treats

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  4. FJ Bliss said,

    My fav min last yr 😀

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