August 18, 2010

Wedding Invites

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My wedding invites

For those who know me, know that I am the queen of online shopping, I have purchased literally everything online! I do not know what I would do without the “continue to checkout” button, and I have never experienced a bad service or wrong size, wrong product in any of my orders so when I write this post it is because I am utterly disappointed in the service I received from this website.

I decided to order my wedding invites online because I only had one month to prepare for the wedding once I am back in the country, and really wanted to get most of the things out of the way and just focus on mentally and physically preparing myself to the big day! Big Mistake!! First of, I never cared about wedding invites, I always felt that it is a waste to throw all that money on something that will not be kept or treasured and most just toss it out once the wedding is over, plus I cared more about other things such as my dress, makeup, and photography, I also felt guilty because I did not want to drag my parents who were paying for the wedding to the poor house lol ok maybe cause I am not the only child and I would feel bad if my parents spent so much over the wedding on unnecessary things, or in my sister’s words I am just “cheap-o” 😛

So I found these invites on Invitation Consultants, and found them simple and nice I even ordered a sample before placing the order to make sure the quality is not so bad, and then asked around and was told that it would cost me the same in Kuwait so I knew I was not paying more than their worth.

What is cool about the website?

You can customize some of the cards they have.

What is not cool about the website?

Whether you customize your card, or not the people managing this business cannot tell. I have chosen the colors that they have as sampled because it went with the theme of the wedding so when I placed the first order I placed it as is but chose the inserts to be blank (so that we print them in Kuwait). The second order, I also ordered as is and wrote in the comment box to keep the card as sampled and leave the inserts blank, I also ordered the men’s reception invites and requested the colors through the customizing option they offered on their website.

I was picking up my dress in NY when my brother in Kuwait informed me that the men’s invites were missing the blank inserts!! They sent me the envelopes and sheer wrap with the wrong color D on it!!

As for the women’s invites they got the color of the initial D wrong as well, when I emailed them they admitted they forgot to add the blank inserts but will not take blame for the wrong colors on my invites, their claim?! They cannot in any way view my customization unless I note it down in the comment box they have!! What is the point of the whole website then?! The comment box is optional, it is there for customers who want to leave additional instructions not to write down the order!

I was so frustrated and disappointed, so I left two reviews on both invites. I obviously  did not curse because it is puerile to write a review with fowl language, so I just sincerely wrote how I felt, that the invites are nice and simple but their service is really bad. Especially since when I complained, I was addressed in the rudest manner!  Of course the reviews were not posted on their website and when I checked turns out they have 2 reviews posted on one card and made me wonder how many bad reviews did they reject to post on their website?! I felt like I’ve been scammed big time!!

To rectify their bad service, they at first suggested that I pay for the correct cards that they will send but since all orders were incorrect I refused so they said after so many emails that they will do it for free. Great, right? NO!! They sent me the correct invites but less than the quantity that I have paid for, so I had to make do with what I had and thankfully it was something I did not care about, but I ended up with really bad invites.

Worst customer service, worst online shopping experience, I should have trusted someone like my sister to place the order in Kuwait instead!

Have you had a bad online shopping experience?


Sara D.

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