August 18, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Review

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Yes, this is a tad bit too late to post but I just saw the movie *gaspheavenforbidhowcouldi* I usually like to watch movies in the theater, if I don’t then I do not watch them at all :s The first Sex and the City movie I watched in a theater in Spain (with mom and aunt none the less still loved it) as for the second one, since it obviously was not played in Kuwait I only recently watched it (sis in-law lent me her copy of the movie). I have heard so much about this movie, especially since the majority of the movie takes place in Abu Dhabi so many Arab girls were offended by their portrayal of the Arabian woman, so I was expecting that when I hit the start button.

My thoughts on the movie?

Just as the hit song “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys rolled it took me back to New York, and my first reaction was “I want go back!” These 4 girls glorified the already glorious New York city so why would you want the rest of the movie to take place in the Middle East? Trying to emphasize these girls are so glamorous that they would end up in a desert and still make it look glamorous? I loved it when Carrie would drop her Dior bag on the wet streets of NYC to pick up her last cigarette but bags of Louboutin, Ferragamo etc being carried out of their car trunks in the middle of the desert? I just found that a tad bit too much. The whole show is about the city, it is the 5th character on the show so when that character was killed off the second movie I was left disappointed. I personally wanted more of the city and less of that Moroccan desert that was supposed to be “Abu Dhabi”!

As for their portrayal of the Middle Eastern men and women, I was not so much offended because so many of the things that they showed in the movie are true, except for “Hanchee” who told them “Hanchee” means “yes” in Arabic?! (or does it?! LOL) but they did exaggerate the veiled women with their faces covered in Abu Dhabi. If the story took place in Saudi Arabia then I would understand, but Abu Dhabi? To be honest, I don’t see that many women with their faces covered in Kuwait, not on daily basis that is!

An other thing I did not enjoy about the movie, the whole “empowering women” theme that was suffocating to say the least. I loved the show because it was about 4 single gals in the big city, but the movie was rubbing it just in case the slow viewer could not catch on, these women are strong so hear them ROAR! But the reason why I felt that the movie was not offending to women in the Middle East, is because when the girls realized that women are treated the same all over the world, subjugated by man whether it is Miranda having her male boss’s hand pushed to her face to keep her from talking, or Carrie having tape over her mouth in the “New Yorker” or Middle Eastern women covering their faces and in the end they all meet in the old souq in Abu Dhabi. The 4 girls from New York, and several Middle Eastern women in one room, facing one an other realizing that beneath these veils are the exact same women dressed up in the latest fashion, reading the same material facing the same issues that the 4 girls in New York face.

As for the fashion, obviously they had to pay attention to detail and I loved that! I loved how Carrie walked down her old apartment to meet “Big” in the now vintage Galliano newspaper dress paying homage to the old Carrie we knew and loved.

Of course Halston and the Blonds seem to have sponsored the rest of their wardrobe, I looked for the jeans that the Blonds have designed for Carrie for the movie and did not notice her wearing them, anyone noticed?

Oh and I found this movie a bit too Scooby Doobish with the 4 girls facing adventures and trying to race the clock to get out alive, or not bankrupt in their case. That is pretty much how I saw the movie, what did everyone else think?


Sara D.


  1. ansam518 said,

    I didnt like SATC 2 much! The first one was MUCH better!

    • Ansam: yea me neither :s I was telling my husband if they are planning on making more dumb movies then they should hang their Manolos and quit :/

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