August 14, 2010

In My Purse

Posted in In My Purse at 12:49 AM by inspirationsbysd

If your heels have been competing with the sky scrapers blooming in the city lately, then this simple item is a Godsend!

I purchased this from the HBO store, and usually I am not into series memorabilia (unless we are talking Seinfeld …then that’s an other topic :P) but anyhoo this item I thought was great and cute, I loved it so much I got one for my cousin, sister and mom! Hehe I thought it is perfect for a long night out, perfect for a wedding after party when your soles cannot handle your extra high heels anymore! đŸ˜‰

These flats are sold as Sex and the City merchandise, they come in the cutest box (perfect for gifts) and has a small pouch. The flats can be folded and stored in the small pouch, so tiny it can fit in your clutch! And they are actually comfy!

I know that there are so many brands making these,  there are even vending machines outside clubs that sell these but this is my personal favorite.

The box

Different styles

Small pouch for the flats


Sara D.

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