August 12, 2010

Kitchenaid: Martha Stewart Edition

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Ramadan Kareem everyone! 😀

It is funny how in the month of fasting we find food in abundance (al7emdela) pictures of dishes circulate and restaurants compete to give the most mouth watering offers, what is even more interesting is the commercials that are creative and funny only during this month (just like the football season in the US?). Since we are on the topic of food, I decided to share my favorite baking tool, the Kitchenaid cake mixer, I have been using this cake mixer (my mom’s) ever since I starting baking few years ago it is strong, sturdy and never fails! And I recently purchased one for myself, the Martha Stewart edition. I love the tiffany blue color, I have decided to buy all the kitchen appliances in that color for the day when I actually have my own kitchen! lol which is not any time soon :s

Even though I am not a good cook (I fail miserably every day lol) but I enjoy baking so much and I hope one day cooking becomes that easy. In my defense though I still do not have a kitchen of my own and the one I use lacks all kinds of spices and kitchen appliances lol

Kitchenaid Martha Stewart collection

Kitchenaid Martha Stewart collection


Sara D.


  1. Farah D said,

    i love the new color!! i would love to have my own collection of them one day;p id make it hmmmmm, purple;p

    • Farah: hehe inshalla you will, they might actually have it in purple…they come in all different colors! Bs tiffany blue is my fav 😛

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