July 31, 2010

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture

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Galliano does it again and again and again! This man is freakin genius!! And of course I would looove the whole collection this Fall, those who know me will know why 😛

Nature was his inspiration for Fall 2010, and flowers bloomed literally bloomed all over the collection as the models walked down the runway with juxtaposition of flowers blooming and plastic wraps all put together to create the most freakin amazing effect. I cannot wait to see one of these dresses on the red carpet sooooon!! Hello calling miss. Charlize Theron?!!

Enjoy ….as I sing “you give me butterflies…got me flyin so high in the sky ….I can’t control the butterflies!” 😀

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Couture Fall 2010

Wearing a bee keeper's hat? PRICELESS! 😀


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    O M G OMG
    wallah i can’t choose NO.1 dress ( it might be the last black, or any other dress with black color :Pp) mashallah what an imagination o application on fabrics !!
    Sara bless u ,, me and waleed enjoyed looking at his crazy detailed designs :*

    • Hanan: I KNOW! I want them all…I know some would overpower me *me being tiny and all* but oh my god I wish I can go out like that everyday! lol I tell Qaiss “everyday is a beautiful occasion that u must look nice for” (thats my excuse for always trying to look prim and proper 😛

  2. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    hahahaha well that needs another country to live in and bigger cash accounts ,, so which desperate housewives r u ? hehehe
    i have my sister’s wedding coming soon ( October maybe ) I want one :(( al7een I can’t go for less glamor :p

    • ooh mabrook!! Thats great mashalla…ee believe me ana wedee anyone to get married just so i can have an excuse to get one :PP

  3. Maram said,

    Ouuuch it’s soooo damn good that it hurts akhhhh amazing love it love it I’m speachless lool :)))

  4. […] who knows me would know how much I love it when flowers are included in everything from fashion to food I, food II and beyond! hehe so of course I had a jaw dropping experience when I first laid […]

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