July 29, 2010

Etsy: The Treasure Trove

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Etsy.com has got to be the site that you can spend endless of hours on and never get bored, I picture this website as an old trunk hidden in someone’s attic and going over the items is too fun!

Once I picked out the color scheme for my wedding, I decided for my wedding i wanted to have  tables instead and even though most of my relatives were against it (thankfully I am very stubborn :P) I went ahead and searched endless hours on the internet looking for table runners (I cannot believe meanwhile I was reading like a zillion amount of books lol) and what I found was not helpful most sites offered rental or sold in wholesale. I have no idea why I did not think of Etsy sooner, as soon as I searched “table runners” I found the perfect ones! I quickly emailed them, since one mentioned she can make them in fuchsia but did not have pictures of, she sent me a sample of the fabric and once I approved of the color I asked her to make two sofa cushions for the “kosha’s” sofa as well.

I love that they have all these trinkets that somehow completes whatever look you are going for!

Here are some pics from the table runners that I ordered for my tables, and other random pictures that can be helpful for some brides! :))

My tables at the wedding, the center piece is by "Themes weddings and events"

My table runners from etsy

Cushions that they customized as per my request

The 2nd table runner, damask print in tiffany blue

And here are more stuff that might complete a bride’s look 🙂

Bridal cover ups

Vintage wedding veil

Bolero cover up

Looove etsy! 🙂


Sara D.


  1. ansam518 said,

    Oh and I was fitting in just right having kinda the same pattern of your table runners on my dress! LOL! I laughed when I saw it

    • Ansam: lool yea I showed my sister your dress today, she laughed she was like “oh my god ur such a perfectionist that even ur guests match the setting” lool what a coincidence! You all looked lovely btw :* oooh and loved the shooes!! :PPP

  2. […] blossoming ones. Really, brides have so many options to choose from especially through Etsy. I once wrote about etsy, and their fabulous finds, well here are more great finds from Etsy and other websites […]

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