July 14, 2010

Signature Scent

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When it comes to perfumes, there seems to be two kinds of people. One, who is constantly experimenting with different scents and shopping for new perfumes, and the second who continually uses the same scent and considers it their signature scent. When asked what does she wear to bed, Marilyn Monroe replied “two drops of Chanel no.5” a nice way of letting people’s imagination wander farther 😉

Marilyn Monroe’s choice of using Chanel No.5 in bed is really what most of us do anyway, we always associate certain scents with different times of  our lives. Some people change perfumes seasonally, so come Winter the smell of memories we have created during the Winter season approaches as well, same thing goes with Summer etc.

For Winter, Kilian has a great scent which was introduced in their “Arabian Nights” collection. “Rose Oud” is a combination of the strong smell of Oud with the sweet and feminine smell of Turkish rose petals, the combo gives a very feminine luxurious smell that lasts for days! I love this fragrance!

Do you have a favorite scent? Seasonal scents?


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    Hey Sara 🙂 loving this subject ,,

    I do have many old perfumes that i can not get over ,, i am really not a fan when it comes to trying new ones.. so my all time favorite scent is the 5th avenue by Elizabeth Arden. for special occasions including el eid i wear it with bukhoor and just love it as if its my first time to wear it,, my second is Allure from Channel 😀

    • Hanan: hanan me too, I hardly change my scent! 🙂 nice perfumes, I like Allure by Chanel 🙂

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