July 11, 2010

Designers: Amsale

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Having planned my wedding while studying in the states meant that I had to choose the dress from there as well. I did not have much time, so during Spring break I took a week off to visit NY bridal boutiques. I had booked appointments at Kleinfeld and because of their vast inventory of dresses I had no intentions of going anywhere else. I never really loved wedding dresses, they all looked like a large white puff so I had no intentions of purchasing a poofy Cinderella type dress, I wanted an all lace mermaid style dress. Until I found “MY” dress at Amsale! I was watching TV with my mom where they were showing her dresses on a bridal show, I fell inlove with theAurora as I have posted previously, so I searched online and saw my dress right on top of the Aurora, I told my mom “this is the dress!!”.
I quickly emailed them and booked an appointment and told them I want to try the sample of Bijou, the day before the appointment I received a call from them saying it is already too late for me to try it. They would not have time to make the dress, since there is so much details on the skirt of the dress, I was so disappointed, I told them to cancel the appointment, since that is the only dress I want. An hour later, they called with better news…I could try the dress!!
The next day, when I went I put it on, the ONLY DRESS I tried on and said “ok, thats the one” lol of course we paid a rush order, and I was really lucky because even with a rush order they wouldn’t have been able to finish this dress in less than 3 months! They asked me to come back again for the fitting and I had to take it with me to Kuwait. (Tip: The usual procedure is that it gets shipped to your country…and you avoid paying taxes if it gets shipped to Kuwait).

I loved the experience, I really felt like a bride, and they were very helpful. I was so happy to have selected my dress from Amsale’s collection. Her name has become synonymous for the modern bride, Amsale herself believes that the bride should never stop loving her dress even years later. Her dresses appeared in movies such as “When in Rome”, “27 Dresses”, “The Hangover” etc.
Her flagship store is in Madison Avenue, NY you can find Amsale’s collection in other bridal boutiques (Kleinfeld etc.) but her Blue Label collection is only showcased in their flagship store.
Of course I canceled my Kleinfeld appointment, I wanted to be a Kleinfeld bride, but ended up being an Amsale bride, and I love it! 🙂

Here is the Bijou

I swear when I saw that dress I thought the designer had me in mind lool .even my fiance (at that time) thought so! The silhouette and the flowers I even loved the color which is not crispy white (it does come in white also).


Sara D.

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