July 10, 2010

Wedding Planners: Theme for Weddings and Events

Posted in Wedding Planners at 4:07 PM by inspirationsbysd

Your wedding should represent who you are. People walking in, should see a piece of you or your style and aesthetic, it would be even better if the groom is incorporated into the theme but thats a tough one ;P For me, personally, I had an exact image of what I want for my wedding, and the colors were picked out. I never swayed or changed my mind, but I needed a planner to project my image and because I was not in Kuwait, I needed someone I can work with online as well as in person.

I contacted Manar AlBabtain, owner Theme Weddings & Events, through Facebook.com and at first hand we discussed my budget and she agreed to work around it, and then I sent her pictures from a file I had compiled for my wedding (yes a bit Monicaisq) and I explained to her my love for pearls lol I think pearls are very classy and sophisticated, thats just my personal opinion, and I wanted a Coco Chanel kind of theme.

Here are the pictures that I sent to her:

And this is the result!! I love how she listened to me and understood exactly what I wanted, and then the execution was perfect!

My Kosha by Themes Wedding and Event Planning


Sara D.


  1. ansam518 said,

    Manar rocks! And she did great indeed…. cuz the wedding was all Sara-esque!

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