July 9, 2010

Coffee Sweets and Canapes

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Although mine was a small affair and perhaps not worth noting, but I thought of sharing with you the companies and places I had to work with for my wedding.

For coffee sweets and hor dourves I wanted something special and I really had intended to go with November Boutique as their sweets look great (looks are important on that day …not just the taste) but because of the fire and short period I had for preparing my wedding, I ended up choosing “Canapes” in Salhiya Complex.

I really fell in love with the samples they showed me, since my color scheme was tiffany blue, fuchsia and cream and the first sample they showed me was the exact tiffany blue shade I wanted. So I ended up ordering the coffee sweets and canapes (colored toast stuffed and shaped like sushi).

The good thing about them: their canapes did taste really good, and the fact that they come in array of colors makes it great to match it to your color scheme. They also had acrylic trays which I love (shown below) and they can custom make them for you in your choice of color.

The bad thing: The coffee sweets (chocolates etc) are not as good as the canapes, and they only come in pastel colors and even though I had specifically asked them to make sure that they do not come in pastel for my order…they made my order in pastel. They also forgot to add the flowered sugar cubes that I had paid for, I had to call them while I was getting ready for my wedding to follow-up, turns out they missed that order and I was told they can either send it to me in an hour (it was already too late) or give me back what I paid for…so we settled on the refund. I do think that a bride should not be worrying over tiny little things during her wedding day, and I know someone else can take over these things but being a perfectionist I have to! I was, though, fully prepared for these tiny mishaps so I was pretty cool at handling them. The owner called to apologize and blamed one of his employees for forgetting the order, but I felt there was no need to blame your staff as it seems unprofessional it was a mistake that the whole store should take blame for.

Here is a picture of the canapes and the background the coffee sweets 🙂

Over all satisfaction with my choice? 8 out of 10


Sara D.

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  1. […] especially if you are going for a Japanese theme and maybe serve up the Sushi shaped canapes, from Canapes and have cherry blossoms trees (or something that resembles it), lovely! http://www.etsy.com http://www.etsy.com […]

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