July 7, 2010

Wedding planners: David Tutera

Posted in Wedding Planners at 12:36 AM by inspirationsbysd

If its one thing a wedding planner needs to do …its to LISTEN to the bride, it is not easy to work with emotional brides I am shamefully aware of that and a good planner will always find a balance between listening to the bride and projecting the image of her wedding day with his/her talents. One of my favorite wedding planners is David Tutera, I think (stress on the think :P) that I could trust him just by telling him what I like and have him do the rest!

Whether you are planning your wedding, or an event his work is inspirational. He comes from a family of florists, his grandfather was a florist and he took this passion and talent and started his own event planning, he’s done several celebrity weddings including the infamous Star Jones wedding as well as Jennifer Lopez etc.

He has a “reality” tv show called “My Fair Wedding” in which he takes the bride’s idea of her wedding day and transforms it into a classy elegant affair (no matter how wacky the bride is! lol). Here are some tips from the planner himself  🙂

Floral tips by David Tutera 🙂


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    Hey Sara welcome back:D
    I just love detail oriented people, mashalla i saw this talent here in Kuwait ( she is my friend:) ) and I honestly asked her to start her journey as an decorative interior designer 😀 well she thinks am just kidding 🙂
    For David,, he works considering all senses !! and he manages to satisfy ALL !! mashallah

  2. Hanan: Thanks 😀
    yea I love those who pay attention, t7seenhum wayed yray7oon oo u don’t really have to worry about anything, we need more planners like that in Kuwait hehe

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