June 18, 2010

Finally the Day Has Come! :D

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Thank you everyone who attended and for those who couldn’t make it thank you for your wishes, we had a blast and it was everything I had planned for :*

For those of you who were asking about the customized bobbleheads for the cake topper, I had it fully customized through Headbobble it was great dealing with them. I sent them head shots of both myself and my husband (mug shots) and pictures of my dress, as for the groom I did not have a picture of my husband in “deshdasha” and “besht” and because I wanted to keep it a surprise, I got random pictures from the internet of Kuwaiti male attire and we worked step by step to make sure they got it right. I think they did a great job, given the fact that they are not familiar with our groom’s attire.

Here are the pictures that I sent them first to customize our bobbleheads 🙂

Pictures of my dress 🙂

and here are the step by step updates they sent me to approve before they sent me the final product:

and the final result 😀

Our personalized bobble heads 🙂


Sara D.


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    nice 😀
    be wedding planner 🙂 mashallah u guys have it ,,, I really loved all the details .

  2. ansam518 said,

    LOVED it! Loved your attention to details and yeah I noticed… cuz I am kinda the same… so yeah, you’re my kinda girl!

    All the best to you and thank you for letting me share your big day festivities 😉

    • Ansam: thank you …i’m glad you noticed all the attention I put into planning the wedding :* hehe bs ee allah y3eench when planning ur wedding inshalla it will drive u crazy i think lana perfectionists can’t get it FULLY their way on that day :/ lol
      Thanks for coming i really appreciate it :** glad to see you wallah

  3. ansam518 said,

    oh and by the way… I showed a friend of mine the bobble heads of yours and she recognized you! She was with you in college or something… so yeah, that should tell you how accurate they’re haha

    • lool that’s cool…whats her name?
      3ad ana i think they got my husband right but ana shway my features were weird looking lol but I guess over all they got it right 😀

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