June 9, 2010

Preserving your Gown

Posted in Wedding dress at 2:15 PM by inspirationsbysd

I have always planned on preserving my wedding gown, even before selecting the gown I just knew I want to pass it on to my children or grandchildren. I asked a couple of people in Kuwait about bridal gown preservations I am not sure if there are any, I am dreading traveling back with my dress again and would much rather do it here in Kuwait, but I would also want a place that gives a 50 years warranty (I’d be 77 by that time, but never mind! :P).

When I purchased my dress, the designer recommendedJ. Scheer & Co for preserving the gown. The company is based in NY and they take the same steps and use the same techniques that are used in museums that preserve important garments showcased there. They offer a 50 year warranty, and box it for you in a way that it would not damage the dress (hanging the dress for a long period would cause stress on the fabric, and covering it in plastic will yellow the fabric) but the good thing about their technique is that you can take out the dress from their box and reminisce without worrying about the gown catching air and ruining it. For now, I think this is the company I will use to have my gown preserved, unless someone recommends something else I am open for suggestions! πŸ™‚


  1. Maram said,

    That is such a romantic idea to do I always thought of keeping my green fairy milcha dress for my daughter lol it’s still kept with it’s fabric cover in my closet but after reading ur post I think I should take it off the hanger before I ruin it :/ though my dress was not made by a desighner or anything it was stiched the way I pictured my self in it a simple dark green long fairy dress and it turned out just wat I wanted .., so putting that much of thinking in ur dress sure would make you wanna keep it for ur daughter coz it carries the story of ur ur life and so ur kids life πŸ™‚

    • Whether it is a designer or not, the dress you wear on that day has so much value just because it is such a special day and you really want to cherish that day forever. I know that some parents keep their children’s christening gown preserved and it is a nice thought to have parents pass it on to their own children for their christening, I might want to preserve a special garment of each child I have inshalla so they can keep it for their kids πŸ™‚

  2. […] guys, I have exciting news!! First of all, I posted awhile back that I will be preserving my bridal gown and that I have chosen to do it at J. Scheer, […]

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