June 9, 2010

In My Purse

Posted in In My Purse at 11:40 PM by inspirationsbysd

I like the usual “In Her Bag” page at the end of the Marie Claire magazine, women tend to carry the most interesting things in their purses and I thought of sharing some of the stuff that I carry. I usually carry most stuff Mary Poppins would, only to fit my clutch and not her handbag 😛

The latest product to enter the bottom of my purse/clutch is the Rub Relief by Dr.Scholl. You know how annoying it is to wear brand new shoes only to find out that you need to walk unexpected hours in them, cause your feet to blister and bubble? *ekh*Well this product helps avoid blisters! Even though I expected much more from this stick (no pun) I had in mind that it will create a waxy film on my foot to avoid blisters, but in fact it is more balmy and leaves a bit of a residue. I still carry it with me because it does the job anyway! I love it, and it is perfect for these unexpected long walks.


Sara D.

P.S just don’t use it on satin or lamb skin…might stain

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