June 8, 2010


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Mr. Louboutin, how can I own this?! I have been dreaming of this shoe and you will probably think I am a loser who has nothing better to do (you are probably right :P) but the second I saw this shoe and realized that it is for the Spring 2010 collection, I would check http://www.neimanmarcus.com, http://www.saks.com, http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com and http://www.net-a-porter.com/ every day!!! To make sure I get my hands on one! Such a perfect addition to a honeymoon wardrobe *sigh* aptly named Tahiti this lovely shoe has a huge patent leather flower on the side and was first designed for the princess of Monaco.

I checked everywhere and have physically scouted the department stores mentioned above and none have had it! If all of these stores did not have it, then who did?! :/


Sara D.


  1. Maram said,

    Woooooooooow Sara it’s a piece of Art stunning stunnig stunning :)) I dnt blame you lol

    • lool ee bs now I gave up dashaina eb Fall oo lama al7een ma shft hal shoes, fa khalas I give up lol

  2. Maram said,

    Maybe it was only made for that princess .. Dnt you think !

  3. Maram: no, it was part of the Spring 2010 collection the design was first designed for the princess of Monaco waay before he became famous but yea madree laish ma shfta :/

  4. […] work would agree on this, but Anemone is one of his best creations ever, second after that is the Tahiti, so of course every girl would want to celebrate her birthday with that shoe propped on her cake! […]

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