June 1, 2010

Things NOT to do as a bride :P

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:40 AM by inspirationsbysd

Ok, its just a show and most of it is acting, but I don’t care how much they pay me I would never behave this way in private let alone in public for everyone to see!

Seriously, you’re supposed to be sharing your love with the rest of the world on those days not act a fool :/ I try not to watch that show because its too much yelling and drama, but I have seen my share of episodes and here are my favorite/worst brides!


Sara D.


  1. no3ik said,

    this Karen bride!! i cant even beggin to describe how filthy she is!!
    omg how can anyone rasie such a monster :/

    how is she getting married who could be in love with that?!!!

    lol im still in shock

    • No3ik: I know! I watched that episode twice cause narfzatnee wayed lol it doesn’t make sense but I was so appalled that I had to see it twice lol its just acting akeed bs I don’t care how much they pay her…why would she want people to see her this way? :S oh yea and I feel sorry for her husband …ma khalat a7ad ma tehawshat weya fl episode lol

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