May 31, 2010

Destination weddings

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This post is for my dear friend M. 🙂 she could not have a wedding when she got married (wear white and the whole shebang). And it got me thinking… it’s never too late! Renewing a couple’s vows has become a trend in the US with celebrities renewing their vows left and right (the latest being J.Lo and Marc Anthony AGAIN) and I was wondering if this trend will ever pick up in Kuwait also? lol I know it won’t be possible for religious reasons, but I mean to have a small party to celebrate their love, how far-fetched is that?

I think its great you get to live those moments again by having a small private ceremony on an island or a beachy resort somewhere! I love that idea, especially since it eliminates the drama that gets involved in planning a larger wedding in your hometown!

Think of it this way, you are with the only person you want to share those moments with and you get to do what YOU want as a couple and not get swayed by family members and all…aah such a lovely feeling. I really wish I can have a destination wedding, perhaps in Italy or by the beach somewhere. My friend M. described it best by picturing the white dress and a flower pinned to her hair. So here are some things to pack while planning a destination wedding or renewal of vows.

The LWD (Little White Dress):

Leave your cinderella ballroom gown behind, and pack those light airy white dresses fit for a destination wedding.

I love love this dress by Lanvin!!

I am madly in love with the above dress, too bad my size is out of stock 😦

Destination wedding shoes:

Swim wear:


Sara D.


  1. danderma said,

    mmm 3jabnee il short lanvin dress ❤

    wayed wayed 3jbnee!

  2. Maram said,

    How sweet my love 🙂 it is never too late as long as the love and passion still running in our bloods we can do it even after 30 years of marrage 🙂 u
    think of it as a reminder of love it does bring you closer to ur loved one being away from the troubles of life for a couple of days … You and ur loved one reminding ur selves of the reasons you both decided being tide for ever … Some times life can put u off and we tend to forget … But yee I can picture my self wearing this lovely dress the second pic u posted soo light and girly .. Nothing metalic gold or silver maybe cute pearl earings no sandles or high heals bare foot touching the sand very simple stripped away from all formalities materialists and dress codes., it would be heaven on earth (sigh) 😉

    and swim wear fore sureeee babe lool gotta pack a nice sexy ones after all ur alone with ur hubby so no harm for little fun on the beach 😉

    maybe after I do it I won’t complain from never been in the white dress lol

    Enjoy every bit of ur wedding my dear 😉 it’s worth it :))

  3. noon said,

    i loved the first 1 , soo effortlessely gorgeous , koved the lanvin too
    i dont like the 1’s with tails that can make the bride barely move

  4. ansam518 said,

    Nice dresses Sara… believe it or not, renewing wedding vows is not a new thing in Kuwait, not common… I know, but my cousin did a celebration on her anniversary back in 1990 (yeah THAT long) it wasnt anything like her wedding of course, much smaller and more intimate with mostly family and few close friends.

    Also, someone who did the same only she took stepssss forward and wore her wedding dress again on her 10th Anniversary mashalla. She came in 3ala hab al sa3ad an all.. imagine! hehehe

    Some people also pick a restaurant and reserve it or reserve a hall in it for that same purpose.

    • A7s it will become more common now lol but I like the one who wore her own wedding dress after ten years mashalla…honey if I can fit in the dress that was made for me in 2010 and be able to wear it in 2020…i’d make a big deal out of it too! LOL cause right now, my mom is betting that not even my tiny niece can fit in it (I want to preserve it for my future daughter inshalla :))
      I would so have a second wedding/honeymoon, but alone with my husband on an island wearing a LWD i think it would be nice 🙂

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