May 29, 2010

Personalize it

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Let’s face it, we all have a narcissistic side to us (or is it just me?) because I truly do get a kick out of personalizing things to have them look like myself or my loved ones! If you are throwing a bridal shower, baby shower or just want to send a “Thank you” note a neat way to do it would be through
Design-her Gals I love this website for its endless options in customizing your cards,mugs,aprons etc. and also for the Gal to Gal foundation supporting breast cancer, so seriously you can have fun personalizing your invitation and feel good for supporting their cause at the same time 🙂

To customize an invite, simply get started by going straight to the dressing room where you get to choose, the eyes, hair, skin tone and endless choices of clothes and accessories to make your gal look exactly like you! They even have pregnant gals and bridal gowns. Here is an example of my gal 🙂

Sara D.

Update: I found this pic of my personalized cards back when I used bake cupcakes for my friends 🙂


  1. Hanan Al Failakawi said,

    Hey Sara nice blog 😀
    I am not a new bride ,, but since we see some women wearing the above selection for shopping I think Its ok for women like me to share your inspirations 😉
    I loved the first, third , and Sarah’s shoes ! ooh and the black one.:)
    It’s true u can learn and have a great vision once u plan for events ( huge events) like your wedding. Wish u the best on ur life babe

    • Hanan: Thanks Hanan! hehe I am trying it out, lets see where it goes 😛
      The black ones are hot and super expensive ($5000!) by Valentino and I love them too! Haute Couture at its finest 🙂
      my wedding is a small intimate affair, bs yea I guess when you plan it in your head so many times over and over …you come up with many more ideas lol

  2. […] in Uncategorized at 2:10 AM by inspirationsbysd As I have previously posted here and here I enjoy personalizing pretty much everything, and please lets not delve into my […]

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