May 27, 2010

I do! (what now?)

Posted in Wedding dress at 4:51 PM by inspirationsbysd

Congratulations! You are getting married!! This is the time when the bride is taken through a whirlwind of emotions and the next big question that will always come up is “when is the big day?”  I personally was not even planning on having a wedding. I always thought they cost way too much, and it is true that businesses take advantage of the emotional bride who is ready to fork up the cash just to make sure her expectations of her “day” are met. I also felt that sometimes when planning a wedding, a bride focuses mainly on the wedding and misses the big picture which is the rest of her life with her future partner. I had so many cons on my list on having a wedding, until my sister told me one day I will regret not celebrating this one day in your life.

If you are anything like me, a bride who decided almost at the last-minute to plan a wedding. A small, but nonetheless, a wedding you do not need to fret, there is time. I managed to squeeze in a semester of graduate classes as well as planning this small intimate affair. But there are few things a bride needs to know, certain things need planning a head such as the dress!

Typically, looking for the dress I would advice that the bride starts searching right away. You will need at least 6 months to order a dress (if you are not buying off the rack). My personal favorite store in Kuwait is Pronovias, here are some designs that they carry

@ 360, although I did not purchase my wedding dress there, I did get my engagement dress from there and not only did they manage to alter the dress in time for my engagement party, they even sent me chocolates with a note from the staff congratulating me and my fiance. They really made me feel like a bride, and I loved it. You need to book an appointment to view their dresses, they carry many brands even Elie Saab! I am not quite sure about the price range, but I do know that there is a dress for every bride’s budget 🙂


Sara D.


  1. Maram said,

    the wedding is all about the bride’s dress I agree without it the entire ceremony does not exist … I still feel abit sad for not wearing the white dress my case we had death in the family so I couldn’t do much … It is a day for u to remember despite the fact of the mony coast and all the headaches in planning a wedding … I agree with your sister … I still wish I had a wedding a small one where I get to put on a white dress and a vail (sigh) stare at my life partner and experiance all these mixed emotions a bride can have .,,,

    • Maram: I’m sorry you never got the chance to wear the wedding dress :/ but you know what it is never too late! 😛 wallah why don’t you and your husband have a small private ceremony on an island somewhere like you described! hehe it’s worth it! 😉

  2. ansam518 said,

    You are really good with personalizing gift -ana ash-had 😉 I remember your yummy cupcakes… I want 😛

    On another note, hope your wedding goes perfectly as planned xoxo

    • hehe thanks 😛 mnn zmaaan i haven’t baked anything 3ad 7adee I miss baking! *sigh*
      thanks, it is…i hope! lol I am trying to stay cool about things 🙂

  3. N-Fal said,

    OMG i can’t believe My eyes! My Picked dress for a small ceremony at home i really loved it and i was to order a fitted size from spain (the last pictuer) and i guess i still have it’s number <3.."sigh" CANCELED!.

    • N-Fal: hehe ok I didn’t quiet get your comment 🙂
      Congratulations though, I am guessing you are getting married? 😀 But why did you cancel it? Their dresses are lovely, I haven’t really been there for bridal dresses but have had a wonderful experience getting my engagement dress from the branch at 360 🙂
      Good luck with yours! :))

  4. N-Fal said,

    LOL! i was shocked cuz u picked a pic of my dress and it was really hard to put my eyes on 1 dress only! they have a lot of cute dresses @ 360, But no i Canceled everything not only the dress hmm..anyways thanks for the congratulation thing ❤ =* "it happens"

    • N-Fal: lol ok now it makes sense hehe
      But I’m sure you had a hard time picking because they are all soo pretty! 🙂
      I am sorry to hear that you canceled it :/ life is full of surprises, better things are always ahead 🙂

  5. N-Fal said,

    Well Yes! a headache :P..
    sometimes the things that don’t seem right leads to the best thing of a life 😉

    • N-Fal: you got it sister hehe thats the story of my life! One day it all crumbles and then an other everything works out right 🙂

  6. N-Fal said,

    Wishing you aaaaall the best..alla ydoomha =*

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